Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 AGM

Minutes of the 2009 AGM for the Comox Valley Cycle Club,
November 1st, 2009
Venue: " Comox Valley Soccer Club House
Attendees: " approximately 25 members
Meeting called to order on or about 6:45pm by President, Ray Wagner

President Report:
" Ray Wagner provided a report summarizing the many activities of the club over the past year and thanking
" all the volunteers, racers and directors for their efforts. Activities included, 1/ Races - Comox cup 5 race
" series and the 16 event TT series, 2/ Socials - Wakelings TT BBQ in May, Andys deck BBQ on July 1st,
" Ominium dinner evening, 3/ Public support - lead out for the 5st Miler and Comox running races, 4/ Group
" rides - winter Sunday training, members participation in Blacks Thursday nighter, 5/ Provincial - Junior race
" program, Masters series and Cross series, 6/ Support received - local bike shops, gaming grant to
" purchase gear trailer, 7/ Media coverage - local paper TT results, articles, 8/ club communication -
" website, facebook page, newsletter emails.

Treasurer Report:
" Peter Schwirtlich, provided and discussed the year-end financial statement and current bank balance
" statement.

Membership Report:
" John Bernard: reported we had 56 members of which 2 are life members and 14 are juniors.

TT Report:
" Frank Holatko: reported 16 races from Apr. 15th to Aug. 5th rotating through 4 courses. Average attendees
" per event were 18 riders. Thanks to Jeff Beeston of Trail Bicycles for providing weekly draw prizes.
" Jeff was thanked personally with a bag of fine coffee beans. Frank recommends the club purchase some
" really good stop watches. Frank and wife Patti thanked all the participants.
" " TT award winners were: "
" " " " Women:" Amanda Wakeling
" " " " Men:" " John van der Vliet

Race report could not be provided as the co-ordinator John van der Vliet could not attend at the last minute.

Prior to the AGM, awards were presented for the Comox Cup Overall: 'C' champ - Jake van der Vleit, 'B' champ -

Jordan Duncan and 'A' champ - Ray Wagner.

Club Championship race winner:" Aaron Dusseault (Aaron sent his regards and is proudly wearing his new jersey in Hawaii)

Junior Championship Jerseys were presented by Doug Merrick on behalf of Insurance Centres:
" " " Female Junior Champion: "Amanda Wakeling
" " " Male Junior Champion:" Jordan Duncan

Dora Ellis presented the Bruce Ellis Award to the most improved rider of 2009: Amanda Wakeling.

Election of Officers for 2010 took place with the following results:
" " President - Ray Wagner " " Vice-President - Kent Duncan
" " Treasurer - Peter Schwirtlich " " Secretary - Chuck Sinclair"
" " Social Co-ord - Carmen Wakeling " Race Co-ord - Doug Merrick
" " TT Co-ord - Andrew Brown " " Membership Secretary - John Bernard
Meeting adjourned on or about 7:30pm.

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