Sunday, July 18, 2010


Omnium full results will be posted soon. hopefully by monday evening.
no promises


  1. Barry McKee here. I survived the worst spill of my racing career. A special thanks to Vicki and Peter for taking me under their wing(s). Amazing hospitality. I don't really want to ramp up the controversy, but, as it was my skin shredded on the road, not to mention my separated AC joint, and damage to my bike, I want to ask what all the riders were doing on the far left of the centre line of the road during the sprint? This group collapsed on me causing me to crash. I take some of the responsibility but really, I did hold my line. I wonder why others didn't do the same. As a suggestion, perhaps a review of basics pre race may prevent future mishaps. Also, club rides in your area might practice sprint finishes thereby increasing experience and reducing incidents such as happened on Saturday. It will be several weeks or months before I am back racing. But I will be back. All the best to CVCC. Great event, albeit some rough edges that may need polishing.


  2. Photos and Masters results can be found here


  3. Thanks duane for the photos.
    Barry could you please email so as RD i can help prevent this from happening again at CVCC events.