Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Comox Cup

Hi Everyone
The first two Comox Cup races are being held on Saturday, April 30; and Sunday, June 5.
Saturday, April 30 features the Dove Creek Road Race.
Sunday, June 5 features the Tsolum River Road Race.

The time trial series:
May 4 Headquarters
May 11 Dove Creek
May 18 Forbidden Plateau
May 25 TTT
June 1 Headquarters
June 8 Dove Creek
June 15 Forbidden Plateau
June 22 TTT
July 6 Headquarters
July 13 Dove Creek
July 20 Forbidden Plateau
July 27 TTT
August 3 Time Trial Championships

Please register as a club member before the first road race/time trial of the season. You cannot officially ride with the club, as a group, or join a group ride until you do so. CyclingBC is enforcing stricter rules, so we must as well. The club membership form can be found here. Please fill out the form, and pay the membership fee before the first race of the season!

Why No Further Comox Cup's Announced?
The Comox Valley Cycle Club still needs race directors for the the July/August events. Due to new rules and fees put in place by CyclingBC we cannot hold an event without an official race director or apply for a race without one. If you want these events put on, please volunteer as race director for either of the July/August races. The race director will have the full support of the executive and the club, and will have access/advice from previous race directors on what to do and what needs to be done.


  1. where do we meet for the May 4th Headquarters time trial? I can't find info on it anywhere

  2. Hi Gord,
    Sorry for the late response. Headquarters TT start at the Rennison Road/Headquarters Road intersections.
    Dove Creek TT starts at Dove Creek Road/Piercy Road.
    And The Forbidden Plateau TT starts on Forbidden Plateau Road about 200m east of the Duncan Bay Main Line Road.
    Sorry for the late response