Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Comox Cup Race Bible

Hi Everyone
Sorry for the late posting but here is the 2011 comox cup race bible!
The first two races are definites (Dove Creek and Tsolum), the Omnium has yet to be decided due to no race directors stepping forward. You can be race director for one of the three events, you do not have to do all three! and the full mt washington HC in August is still being determined (scheduling conflicts with master races, and the Victoria Cycling League).
And some time later I will upload the 2011 Comox Cup point series to allow everyone to track their points that they accumulate.
If you find any mistakes in the Comox Cup Race Bible, send me an email. and I will clarify and correct the mistake. or just act confused.
See you out on the road.

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