Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 Dove Creek Stage Race- May 24


WHEN:                      May 24, 2014

WHERE:                    Courtenay

WHAT:                       Time based stage race consisting of the Dove Creek Road Race in the morning and the Burns Road Time Trial in the afternoon.

HOSTED BY:           Comox Valley Cycle Club

REGISTRATION:                Registration at the Dove Creek Hall (Burns Road)
                                                $30 for Seniors (over 18)
$20 for Juniors

SIGN-ON:                              Dove Creek Hall on Burns Road
                                                Opens at 9:00am

                                                16.4 kms per lap

 Road Race Start Times
Category                                           Start time                  Laps/Distances

A                                                         10:30am                     5 laps/ 85.34 kms

B                                                         10:31am                     4 laps/ 68.84 kms

C                                                         10:32am                     3 laps/ 52.34 kms

U15                                                    10:32am                     2 laps/ 37.4 kms

U13                                                     10:32am                     1 laps/ 21 kms

Time bonus of 10-6-4 seconds for 1st-2nd-3rd place finishers
Ø  The course is open to traffic
Ø  The center line rule is in effect
Ø  No littering, swearing, or public urination at any point

Time Trial

Ø  Starts at 3:30pm
Ø  Reverse order from the road race
Ø  1 minute intervals
Ø  8.06km in length
Ø  no aero clip-on bars, no aero helmets, no disc wheels, no wheels deeper than 90mm, no TT bikes

Ø  Determined by overall time
Ø  Cash prizes except merchandise for the Youth categories
Ø  Women’s prizes where sufficient numbers

Ø  All courses are on open roads!
Ø  The yellow line rule is in effect at all times!
Ø  No littering, offenders will be disqualified!
Ø  Bathrooms are provided at the Dove Creek Hall
Ø  There are no feed zones for the road race
Ø  No parking on any of the courses during the race
Ø  Do not pre-ride the Time Trial course when others are racing on the course

 please re-read the race bible and then email

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