Saturday, May 29, 2010

Minto Road Race information

Comox Cup #2 Minto Road Race presented by Mtn City Cycles
When: June 13
Where: Cumberland
This race is pretty much always decided on Boulder Hill. After very gradually climbing for a couple kilometres on each lap, riders are confronted with a relatively short and steep hill. When someone feels like inflicting pain, they attack on Boulder. The pack usually blows apart as if a grenade were thrown in its midst.
Like last year, the race finishes on the top of Boulder Hill. Have fun boys and girls!
Distance: A 8 laps (72km), B 6 Laps (54km), C 3 Laps (27km) at 9.0km per lap. 
rsvp at the facebook page here or email me at Doug_Merrick@hotmail if you are a out-of-towner
and more information about how to get there and costs can be found on the FB page or to the right in the 2010 Race Bible
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