Monday, May 17, 2010

Tsolum River Road Race Report

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The Comox Valley Cycle Club kicked off the 2010 Race Season with sunny skies on the Tsolum River Road race course this past Sunday on May 16. Local and out of town riders for a total of 39 riders (15 A, 12 B. 10 C) with a great turnout of 16 volunteers to help put on the race.
After a attack filled 72.5km road race for the A's including; breakaways, solo's, and counterattacks. Local cyclist John Van der Vliet sprinted to the win followed by Aaron Dusseault (Russ-Hays of Victoria) and then Tom Malcylski (Victoria) in a time of 1.53.05. After the race John Van der Vliet was heard as saying he was surprised of the win due to just getting over Bronchitis.

In the B category after another attacked filled race of 51.8km did last years C series winner, and John Van der Vliets son, Jake Van der Vliet take the win with a sprint finish followed closely by Sig Isaac and Paul Sidlick. Perhaps it should be the Van der Blurs?

In the C category race of 31.1km did new club racers Mike Brown, Aaron Prain, James Grant, and bother Mark Grant go for the win followed by fellow learn to race clinic riders Rurik hubner, Leslie Dargie, Crystal Dargie, and Kip Keylock. The clubs first paracyclist, Simon Harrington finished the race after Kip followed closely by young junior Brodie Hay.

A big thanks to Black's Cycle for Sponsoring this road race, all the volunteers who made this race possible,Quality foods for providing drinks and refreshments, Tim Hortons for providing bagels, Carmen Wakeling of Eatmore Sprouts and Greens for organizing all the food/beverages and for providing sprouts to go with the bagels.
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