Sunday, August 15, 2010

Comox Cup Point Series and Championship Race Pictures

Hi Everyone
Championship Road Race photos are off of the main facebook page. A big thanks to Pat Gerrie for the photos!

The Comox Cup point series comes to a close with a great finish. In the A category John Van der Vliet took the lead at Tsolum RR, defended at Minto, sprinted for the win at the Omnium, and played it safe at the Championship weekend. 2009 Series Champ Ray Wagner managed to wrest 2nd place from Jordan Duncan after a tough start to the season.
In the B category Sig Isaac finally managed to step take the lead by overcoming rival Jake Van der Vliet in a tough points race which saw Jake take the early lead and defend it while Sig slowly pulled back the huge points lead which looked daunting for any rider. Consistent climbing extraordinaire Thomas Andrew finished third .verall for the B category.
C category saw the entry and rise of brothers James and Mark Grant from dominating wins from young James throughout the whole season lead to a huge point gap that didn't deter younger brother Mark. 2010 also saw the entry of strong man Simon Harrington rounding out the podium with consistency and competitiveness that would make anyone think twice when they race against him.
Full comox cup point series here. If there are any mistakes please email about that mistake, be detailed please, there are a lot of numbers to look over.

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