Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2nd Annual Polar Bear Ride

Hi Everyone
The club is holding the 2nd annual Boxing Day "Polar Bear Ride," cold like the swim, but we would prefer if you were fully clothed for the ride. The ride will leave from the sports center on Vanier drive at 11am on December 26 and will be about 1.5-2hours easy ride depending on how cold it is. Afterwords a stop at a coffee shop to warm up any cold body parts, enjoy a hot chocolate or coffee, and socialize before riding home.
So come on out and escape the Boxing Day shopping maddness, visiting inlaws, and enjoy a easy spin and catch up with your summer riding mates.
Fenders are strongly encouraged if you have them! If you dont you are still more than welcome to come and have a great ride.
Doug Merrick

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Minutes

CVCC Executive Meeting

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ray Wagner              Trevor Pritoula
Kent Duncan             Hillary Grant

1.     Society Act- $ 25 required to re-new annual contract.  Hillary to complete form and mail with cheque.
2.     Gaming Grant- $309.63 still in reserve.  Executive approved submission of report and will mail to ministry in near future. Balance to put towards trailer maintenance.
3.     Finances- No new business. Hillary to review the expense of the AGM and provide summary by email for next meeting. To defer 2011 budget until next meeting.  Currently GIC fund serving as reserve but to determine if this is enough or too much so that funds can be re- allocated.
4.      Sponsorship Structure- in the past we have solicited sponsors for the club. Ray proposed different levels of sponsorship with a cycling theme:
polka-dot- $50-150,
Different levels based on amount of product/ money donated. 
Ray recommended doing a notice in paper for this past year sponsors (QF, Trail Bicycles, Eat More Sprouts, Airport Service, Black’s Cycle…). To do early in New Year and put together package for soliciting new sponsors (highlighting membership #’s, value to sponsor. Recognition at events, website, trailer, notice in paper, thanking sponsors.

5.     Racer Support- club to review/ create a policy.
In 2010 club budgeted 1000.00- There were 2 award recipients of $150 each, and approx. 200 to travel expenses for junior racers (approx. 500 was still available from 2010- to carry forward to 2011).
For 2011, Budget to be as follows for Racer Support:
Individual Club members- 300.00 will be allocated
Remainder 1200.00 to be allocated to the Junior Program and divided into following categories by a Junior Race/ Member coordinator/ manager. Funds to be allocated to, but not exclusively the following:
·        Coaching Courses/ Qualification
·        Junior Racing Travel Expenses
·        Race Fees
·        Junior Development/ Team Support
·        Equipment Purchases
Anyone seeking support must submit application with proof of expenses to the club executive.

Some concern was brought up with respect to competition from other team sponsors (ie wear club kit or other team kit- deemed club would play more a supporting role to racing versus sponsor.

6.     Club Kit for 25th year anniversary.  Kent to contact Andy regarding designing a 25 year anniversary club jersey/ kit.  Kent recommended continuing with Pactimo to streamline and simplify this.

7.     Race Coordinator- complete list to be determined for 2011. As per AGM, for 2011 to appoint a race director for each event.  Ray proposed to have same schedule as 2010- May, June, July, August, and possible September. Actual dates and racecourses to be determined.
Race Directors thus far:
May- John Van der vleit
June- Steve Grant
Doug has loosely created a manual to help with organizing the race events and can be available for providing insight to race directors.

8.     Awards- Ray proposed a race trophy to have as club property with each year’s winner in different category engraved on it.  To look into cost and design for next meeting.  Individual award/ trophy- glass mug (or version of) will continue to exist.
Ray proposed scoring for series to be changed to include top 4 race results to lessen issues for race director, missing a race so that the final standings are fair.  There was discussion of points being awarded to the Race director to reward member for doing the job and encourage more involvement from others.

9.     Cycle BC Club renewal- Ray to complete and submit.

10.                        Insurance- Ray to review current policy with Directors insurance to determine what this covers and if current liability coverage amount is adequate. Current policy is valid until March, 2011. 

11.                         TT to be deferred to next meeting.

12.                        Budget- Hillary to prepare statement for next meeting to determine a more accurate budget for 2011.

13.                         Incident Reporting- Ray to create a accident report to be in the race director manual to use in event of an incident/ injury

14.                         Monthly Meeting Dates/ Location- 2nd Tuesday of the Month.  Location and time to be determined in advance by email between executive members and announced to club members in advance.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BC Cyclocross Championships

In the junior women category Amanda Wakeling continues to shine in 2nd place.
Jordan Duncan and Nigel Ellsay round out the junior mens podium.
And Andrew Grant takes a well deserved win after a long race season starting in March of this.
Steve Grant survived the master men 50+, while James and Mark Grant finished 4th and 6th behind their brother Andrew in the U17 MEN.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Andrew Grant Wins U17 Provincial Cyclocross Championships!

2009: Jordan Duncan wins U17 Provincial Cyclocross Championships!
2010: Andrew Grant wins U17 Provincial Cyclocross Championships!
The club knows how to rock!
will posts some pics or details when i get them.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Amanda Wakeling Rocks Cross on the Rocks!

The clubs Amanda Wakeling dominates yet again.
From the "Cross on the Rocks" Vancouver Island Cyclocross series

Open Women (after 6 races)
1st Place: Dawn Anderson
2nd Place: Joele Guynup
3rd Place: Amanda Wakeling

Most Improved Female - Amanda Wakeling. After a great rookie season two years ago, where she dominated the women's beginner category at 13 years old...last year Amanda was 11th in the Open Women for the series. A few DNF's. Sickness and some sub-par results. This year she came back and got stronger towards the end of the season and placed third overall for the series. All at 15 years old. Plus she was the youngest female at National Champs racing the elite women.

Youngest female at nationals!
If your not following Amanda's Blog, do it.
And the canadian cyclist article about cross on the rocks
Sorry for the terrible post title, it was the best that i could come up with.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010 AGM

Minutes of the 2010 AGM of the Comox Valley Cycle Club, November 3, 2010

Venue : Dove Creek Hall, 6:30-8:30pm, Attendees : 30 persons (25 members)

The AGM was preceded by a fresh made dinner and an awards presentations –

Comox Cup Champions :

‘C’ group – James Grant, ‘B’ group – Sig Isaac, ‘A’ group – John van der Vliet

Time Trial Champions: Men – John van der Vliet Women – Audrey Erlandsen

Bruce Ellis Award – Jordan Duncan

Racer Bursary – Jordan Duncan, Doug Merrick

Volunteer Club Recognition – Peter Schwirtlich, Chuck & Linda Sinclair

Volunteer Draw Prizes – too many people to list

Reports provided by: Race– Doug Merrick, TT– Andrew Brown, Juniors– Kent Duncan

AGM business meeting called to order on or about 8:00pm :

President’s report – Ray Wagner. Highlighted club activities for the year (Comox cup races, TT series, Learn-to-Race clinic, 5th St Miler running club lead-out, TT BBQ) and thanked the many volunteers who helped with their success.

Financial report – Hilary Grant. Income statement and Balance sheet provided noting that reports will be finalized after all dinner/award/AGM expenses are tallied. Discussed that revenue and expenses approximately balanced out for the year.

Election of Officers for 2011 took place with the following results:

President – Ray Wagner Vice-President – Kent Duncan

Treasurer – Hilary Grant Secretary – Trevor Pritoula

TT Co-ord – Andrew Brown Race Co-ord – Vacant

Social Co-ord – Vacant Race Secretary – Vacant

Club President explained the intent to have a separate race director for each event in 2011 as to distribute the heavy workload put upon a single race co-ordinator. Request for volunteers to be race directors will be made in the new year.

Meeting adjourned on or about 8:30pm.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Banquet and AGM

Hi All

CVCC Awards Dinner & AGM for Wednesday Nov 3, 2010 at the Dove Creek Hall starting 6:30pm.

The catered dinner includes fresh made lasagna, caesar salad and bread.

Please bring a salad or a dessert and whatever beverage you wish.

The dinner will be followed by awards and a short AGM with election of Officers.

Hope to see you all there

Monday, October 4, 2010

CVCC Awards Dinner & AGM

CVCC Awards Dinner & AGM for Wednesday Nov 3, 2010 at the Dove Creek Hall starting 6:30pm. More details to come

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Meeting Minutes

CVCC Minutes of monthly meeting held September 28,2010

Attendance: Ray Wagner, Kent Duncan, Hilary Grant, John Bernard, Gord Giesbrecht

#1 – AGM/ Banquet tentatively November 3, awaiting confirmation of Hall rental. Club has set a budget of $400 for catering, Hilary will work with that. If catering runs higher members may be asked to pay a small fee for dinner. The club is looking for a volunteer to MC the awards portion of the banquet, contact Ray if interested.

#2 – The club currently has a bank balance of approximately $6800, with expected expenses of $2000 (banquet, awards, rider support) to be paid out yet.

#3 – There will be a draw prize box at the banquet, anyone who did something, other than just race, for the club this year is eligible to enter their name. The club wishes to recognize its volunteers, without whom we could not function. Another good reason to come out and be part of the CVCC.

#4 – The AGM will take place after the awards presentations. The agenda will be short:
Presidents report
Race directors report
TT directors report
Financial statement
Election of new executive
There will not be an open floor to present ideas, if you have ideas, stand for an executive position and you can present those ideas at the next meeting. At this time all positions are open, with Ray, Kent and Hilary all stating they will stand again for election in their current position. Secretary, race coordinator, TT coordinator and social coordinator do not yet have any nominees. Remember that the plan for 2011 is to have a coordinator for each individual race, points will be earned towards the Comox Cup for organizing, rather than riding in that one race.

#5 – Rider support budget for 2010 was set at $1000, $700 for junior development and $300 for provincially sanctioned race support. Ray put out a call for applications to be sent in, two were received. Jordan Duncan and Doug Merrick applied for provincially sanctioned race support. Ray put forward splitting the $300, a unanimous executive vote approved $150 support for both Jordan and Doug.
There is approximately $500 remaining in the junior development budget. Kent will get together with Steve Grant and John van der Vliet to prepare a synopsis of junior expenses and a designation of payees to be given to the Treasurer.

#6 – Next year is the 25th anniversary of the club and there has been talk of a special jersey to commemorate this. Kent will get together with Andy about designing and the ordering details. Plan to make your order in January.

#7 – Ray closed the meeting with a request that the new executive get together before December to set down guidelines for 2011. It is your club and if you wish certain things to be done, then we need to know now, so that they can be put in place before the season begins. Trying to implement ideas during the season does not work. So, get involved now and make the 25th anniversary season the best one yet.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Club Funding

The Comox Valley Cycle Club has allotted some funds towards support of our club riders.

The CVCC executive is seeking a brief report from any member who wishes to access these funds.

The criteria for funding is based on the club policy established in 2005 where it was approved that the club should support members wearing club colours at sanctioned events :

1/ funding of an individual member must be approved by a vote of the executive
2/ the event(s) must be at national or provincial sanctioned levels
3/ the member must provide a brief written report with photos of their participation

Additionally, priority will be given to junior development should requests be above the current financial capabilities of the club.

Eligible members are requested to email their submission to by September 26th.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Provincial Time Trial Champion

The club has three NEW provincial time trial champions!
Jordan Duncan back to back provincial tt wins!
Kia Van der Vliet dominates the junior female category!
James Grant takes the junior mens!
Jake Van der Vliet and Thomas Andrew take 2nd and 3rd respectively chasing down Jordan Duncan.
Mark Grant follows his brother for a well deserved 2nd.
John Van der Vliet takes 2nd after falling 3 seconds short of 1st.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Comox Cup Point Series and Championship Race Pictures

Hi Everyone
Championship Road Race photos are off of the main facebook page. A big thanks to Pat Gerrie for the photos!

The Comox Cup point series comes to a close with a great finish. In the A category John Van der Vliet took the lead at Tsolum RR, defended at Minto, sprinted for the win at the Omnium, and played it safe at the Championship weekend. 2009 Series Champ Ray Wagner managed to wrest 2nd place from Jordan Duncan after a tough start to the season.
In the B category Sig Isaac finally managed to step take the lead by overcoming rival Jake Van der Vliet in a tough points race which saw Jake take the early lead and defend it while Sig slowly pulled back the huge points lead which looked daunting for any rider. Consistent climbing extraordinaire Thomas Andrew finished third .verall for the B category.
C category saw the entry and rise of brothers James and Mark Grant from dominating wins from young James throughout the whole season lead to a huge point gap that didn't deter younger brother Mark. 2010 also saw the entry of strong man Simon Harrington rounding out the podium with consistency and competitiveness that would make anyone think twice when they race against him.
Full comox cup point series here. If there are any mistakes please email about that mistake, be detailed please, there are a lot of numbers to look over.

Championship Weekend Rundown

Hot, smoky weather enveloped riders coming out to race in the Trail Bicycles Championship Weekend. The hotter than usual weather, thanks to fires in the interior, made racing unbearably hot but did little to dampen the spirits of those who came out. On Saturday riders were faced with a 32km time trial, 16km for juniors, around Dove Creek. John Van der Vliet stopped the clock in 48:05 to set the fastest time of the day for the aerodynamic class, while Ray Wagner racing with no aerodynamic advantages finished in 50:56 to beat fellow riders Michael Brinton and Mort Allingham. In the B category Sig Isaac raced to a fast time of 52:45 to best second place by almost 2 minutes. C category say James Grant finish the 16km course in 29:48 followed by Ernie Klassen, Simon Harrington, and Mark Grant.
Sunday opened up with hot weather with the C racers completing 37.3km (2.5 laps), B 53.8km (3.5km), A 70.2km (4.5laps). The new Dove Creek Championship road race course featured a Piercy Road finish just after the hills at the Entrance of Wildwood nature park to change the course from a flat out sprint into a tougher more "all rounder" course worked. C category group quickly split on the hill and James Grant took a the final win of the 2010 Comox Cup season over Gord Giesbrecht, and Ernie Klassen.
In the B category the race became the deciding factor in the Comox Cup series with Sig Isaac with a narrow 3 point lead over Jake Van der Vliet after Saturdays super hot time trial. The B pack quickly split after having started with the A racers; B racers Sig Isaac and David Damery stayed with the A's as the pace rose in the afternoon heat. The chasing group howevered suffered two flat tire casualties and young riders Jake Van der Vliet and Andrew Grant not finishing the race after heat exhaustion forced them to quit. David Damery took the sprint over Sig Isaac and Andy Brinton to take the top of the podium.
A racers got off to a hot start that saw attacks up the hills on Piercy road and technical attacks through the corners. Heat whittled the field down to a final selection of three riders to contest the sprint. Club President Ray Wagner took the sprint over Dave Nowak (Trail Bicycles Eatmore Sprouts) and John Van der Vliet (Simon Cycles-Airport Service Station) with youngster Michael Brinton and Rudy Daun round out the top five. After three years with the club, and just over a year since his last win, Ray Wagner took his fist Comox Valley Cycle Club win.
A big thank you to all the volunteers who made the races possible, Trail Bicycle, Tim Hortons, and Eatmore Sprouts.

Championship Weekend Results and Comox Cup Series!

Hi Everyone
Time Trial Results
Road Race Results
Comox Cup Points Series

Monday, August 9, 2010

Championship Weekend

2010 Championship Weekend
32km Dove Creek Time Trial
Saturday August 14, 2010
Registration opens at 10am on Burns Road. A/B/C categories with aero and classic class (aero=tt helmets/skinsuits etc. and classic is normal road bike with no aero equipment (wheels included)). Juniors only need to complete 1 lap unless otherwise indicated. Full Comox Cup points will be awarded to all categories and too within each class. For all riders i...n the CVCC Time Trial series the time trial time may be used.
Registration opens at 10am, race at 11am. Cost is $15 for adults, 5 for juniors.
Dove Creek Championship Road Race Course
Sunday August 15, 2010
Registration opens at 10am on burns road. A/B/C categories. Riders start at burns road with a post hilltop finish on Piercy road at the Wildwood Trail Entrance. C riders do 2.5 laps (37.3km), B 3.5 (53.8km), A 5 (70.2km). Full comox cup points will be award to all categories to wrap up the Comox Cup Point Series. Cost is $15 for adults, $5 for juniors.
Plenty of Prizes will be awarded AFTER the Sunday Road Race.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trail Bicycles Team Time Trial this Wednesday

Trail Bicycles Team Time Trial this Wednesday

Trail Bicycles and the Comox Valley Cycle Club will be hosting a Team TT on Wednesday evening, August 4th at 6pm.

Registration begins at 5:30 at the corner of Headquarters and Rennison Road, the site of the usual Headquarters TT start.  The course is a quick 20km out and back that includes a loop of Tsolum River Road.

Teams can be any combination of two, three or four people.  Time will be taken on the first two to cross the finish line. 

Anyone can participate and there is no cost to race although you must hold a valid Cycling BC License or be a member of the Comox Valley Cycle Club.  CVCC membership is $20 for adults and free for juniors under 18 years old.  If you are not a member of the CVCC but would like to give the time trials a try, a “one day license” may be purchased on site.  The license is for general liability insurance.

Volunteers are also needed for this event, so if you are planning on coming, bring your brother, your mother, your grandpa or friend.

Find a couple of fast guys, put on some crazy helmets and giver this Wednesday!

If you need more information, contact Andrew Brown at 250 898 3336 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              250 898 3336      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Omnium And Comox Cup Standings

Hi Everyone
Full Results and GC standings can be found here
Updated Comox Cup Standings here
Photos thanks to Duane Martindale
A BIG THANKS to all the volunteers who came out and made this weekend possible.
Race article? maybe later this week.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Omnium full results will be posted soon. hopefully by monday evening.
no promises

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Accomodation for the Omnium?

Hi Everyone
This is just one of the places to stay for the Dove Creek Omnium.
Blueberry Ridge Guesthouse
-1 Bedroom
-2 night minimum
-16.2km away from the race (20 minutes by car)
7455 Rodger Rd, Merville

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dove Creek Omnium with Race Bible

Hi Everyone
July 17 and 18 is the Dove Creek Omnium. The Comox Valley Cycle Club crown jewel event. The weekend will start with the Forbidden Plateau Prologue as Present by Trail Bicycles, in the afternoon the Blooming Barn Criterium as presented by Broken Spoke will finish up Saturday. Sunday morning features the Dove Creek Road Race presented by Simon Cycles. There will be tons of draw prizes from our sponsors. Event awards, and final GC awards presented on Sunday for each youth, master, and club event. These awards I can personally guarantee cannot be found anywhere else but the CVCC. Any new information will be found here on the blog site or on the facebook site.
Race Bible
Doug Merrick
Race Director

Friday, June 18, 2010

Comox Cup Clarification

Call it a complete overlook on my part on the Comox Cup standings but here are the criteria to be included in the Comox Cup Standings:
You must be a member of the Comox Valley Cycle Club ($20 fee) to be included in the standings. It does not matter where you live (Victoria, Vancouver, Port Hardy etc) as long as you have paid the club fee. As well as being strongly, strongly encouraged to supply a volunteer to help run one of the club races.
If any out of town racer would like to be included in the Comox Cup standings but cannot supply a volunteer to help run an event, please email to let him know/work out an arrangement.
Sorry for the oversight.
Doug Merrick
Road Organizer

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Minto Road Race Report and Comox Cup Update

Road Race Report
Warm, Sunny weather greeted the 40 racers who braved to race the 2010 Minto Road Race presented by Mtn City Cycles.
The A category race featured attacks from the big three (Black's, Simon, and Trail Cycles) for an exciting road race of 8 laps (72km). Despite the constant attacks the initial group of 20 held together until the end of the 7th lap where Eatmore Sprouts/Trails Bike Team duo Nigel Ellsay and Nigel Hutcheson iniated the 10 man break that would work successfully together to hold off the scattered chasers on the last lap. Visiting Victoria Racer Luca Segar took the win followed by Jordan Duncan and Nigel Ellsay (Eatmore Sprouts/Trail bikes) for the lead group.
In the B category race of 6 laps (54km) the group stayed together until the very end where out-of-towner Michael Brinton took the sprint by attacking early on the hill. Local junior Jake Van der Vliet (Airport Service/Simon Cycles) took second followed by Mike Brown in his second ever road race.
In the C category brothers James and Mark Grant managed to drop both Ernie Klassen and Simon Harrington for a brother 1-2 on the line.
A big thank you to Mtn City Cycles for sponsoring the event. Thank you to Quality Foods/Tim Hortons and Eatmore Sprouts for providing sprouts for the apres race food, Shoppers Drug Mart for contributing for the draw prizes. AND A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS!!
For full Minto Results
For all 581 photos
A BIG 581 thank you to Pat Gerrie, Joanna Duncan, and Charles Sinclair for all the great photos
Comox Cup Standings
After two road races and 6 time trials todays Minto Road Race has shaken up the overall standings
A Category
1. John Van der Vliet    200
1. Jordan Duncan    200
3.Nigel Ellsay    155
4.Doug Merrick    140
5. Nigel Hutcheson    125
6. Jeff Matell    120
7. Ray Wagner    115
8. Andy Everson    90
9. Kent Duncan    70
10. Dave Nowak    60
11. Mort Allingham    50
12. Andrew Brown    40
13. Rudy Daun    35
14. Trevor Perkins    20
Category B
1. Jake Van der Vliet    125
2. Sig Isaac    105
3. Thomas Andrew    75
4. Amanda Wakeling    70
5. Richard Ellsay    70
6. Mike Brown    65
7. Paul Sidlick    60
8. Trevor Pritoula    55
9. Gord Giesbrecht    50
10. Steve Grant    50
11. Andrew Grant    50
12. Gavin MacPhail    35
13. Charles Sinclair     30
14. Mike Wood    20
15. Michael Ravensbergen    10
16. Jeff Beeston    5
Category C
1. James Grant    65   
2. mark Grant    50
3. Simon Harrington    30
4. Mike Brown    25   
5. Marnie Van der Vliet    25   
6. Rurik Hubner    20   
7. Kia Van der Vliet    20   
8. Hilary Grant    20   
9. Aaron Prain    15   
10. Ernie Klassen    15   
11. Leslie Dargie    15
12. Crystal Dargie    10
13. Dieter Tschauner    10
14. Patti Holatko    10   
15. Isaac Van der Vliet    10   
16. Kip Keylock    5   
Dont See your name in the Comox Cup? Either I made a mistake or you have not paid your club membership fees.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Minto Road Race information

Comox Cup #2 Minto Road Race presented by Mtn City Cycles
When: June 13
Where: Cumberland
This race is pretty much always decided on Boulder Hill. After very gradually climbing for a couple kilometres on each lap, riders are confronted with a relatively short and steep hill. When someone feels like inflicting pain, they attack on Boulder. The pack usually blows apart as if a grenade were thrown in its midst.
Like last year, the race finishes on the top of Boulder Hill. Have fun boys and girls!
Distance: A 8 laps (72km), B 6 Laps (54km), C 3 Laps (27km) at 9.0km per lap. 
rsvp at the facebook page here or email me at Doug_Merrick@hotmail if you are a out-of-towner
and more information about how to get there and costs can be found on the FB page or to the right in the 2010 Race Bible
Ride on

Club bits and Pieces

Hi Everyone
The minto road race is two weeks away on June 13, so mark your calendars and please let me know if you can bring a volunteer.
Local club riders recently went down to Washington state and competed in the Mutual of Emunclaw stage race. Highlights are Jordan Duncan winning the Cat4 TT and the Cat4 overall race. And Mark Grant beating the US national champ for his age in the time trial as well. For a full report please see the local paper sometime this coming week.
Local riders are also competing in the Victoria Cycling festival which includes the bear mtn HC, the Sooke-Port Renfrew-Sooke Road race, and the Bastion Square Criterium. For pictures please see here.
Next week club riders will be over at the Westside classic!
Mountain City Cycles is sponsoring the next road race (Minto RR), so feel free to drop by and thank them for there upcoming support!
And for all your energy gel needs that cant be found at bike shops (ie. Gu energy gels) go to Extreme Runners for all the energy gel madness. Mention you are part of the club and thank them for there support!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tsolum River Road Race Report

Hi All
The Comox Valley Cycle Club kicked off the 2010 Race Season with sunny skies on the Tsolum River Road race course this past Sunday on May 16. Local and out of town riders for a total of 39 riders (15 A, 12 B. 10 C) with a great turnout of 16 volunteers to help put on the race.
After a attack filled 72.5km road race for the A's including; breakaways, solo's, and counterattacks. Local cyclist John Van der Vliet sprinted to the win followed by Aaron Dusseault (Russ-Hays of Victoria) and then Tom Malcylski (Victoria) in a time of 1.53.05. After the race John Van der Vliet was heard as saying he was surprised of the win due to just getting over Bronchitis.

In the B category after another attacked filled race of 51.8km did last years C series winner, and John Van der Vliets son, Jake Van der Vliet take the win with a sprint finish followed closely by Sig Isaac and Paul Sidlick. Perhaps it should be the Van der Blurs?

In the C category race of 31.1km did new club racers Mike Brown, Aaron Prain, James Grant, and bother Mark Grant go for the win followed by fellow learn to race clinic riders Rurik hubner, Leslie Dargie, Crystal Dargie, and Kip Keylock. The clubs first paracyclist, Simon Harrington finished the race after Kip followed closely by young junior Brodie Hay.

A big thanks to Black's Cycle for Sponsoring this road race, all the volunteers who made this race possible,Quality foods for providing drinks and refreshments, Tim Hortons for providing bagels, Carmen Wakeling of Eatmore Sprouts and Greens for organizing all the food/beverages and for providing sprouts to go with the bagels.
Click here to go to the facebook album link

Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Club Kit and May Meeting Minutes

Hi Everyone
If you want to order club clothing ACT FAST! and click here. The deadline is Sat. May 15th. There will be two Order Drop-off dates. Monday May 10, 5:30-6p.m. at Vanier Sports Centre to Linda or Chuck at the Race Clinic or Sat. May 15 at Peter’s
(1970 6th St. East Courtenay) from 4-6 pm.
May's club meeting minutes. Usual business for the executive.
This years first time trial on May 5 had an amazing 32 rider turnout for the Headquarters loop. Results here.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Time Trials start Wednesday

Just to remind you that the Umteenth Annual Comox Valley Cycle Club Time Trial Series begins next Wednesday evening, 5 May, 6 p.m. on the Headquarters Road out-and-back. Registration opens at 5:30 near the bridge at the corner of Headquarters and Rennison. See ya all there.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snow to Surf

Good Luck Tomorrow to any club members competing in the Snow to Surf Team Relay!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Comox Valley Cycling Coalition Needs your help!

Dear Cycling Community,
As you may be aware, the City of Courtenay, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure intends to widen Cliffe Ave. between 17th and 21st St.  It has come to the attention of the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition that this project has moved ahead to the final design and the acquisition of adjacent private property.  We are informed that a joint decision has been taken by MOTI and the City (i.e. the City Engineer)  NOT to include cycling lanes in this section of reconstruction.    Neither the City Council, nor any member of the Comox Valley Cycling Task Force or the Cycling Public Advisory Committee has been consulted before this decision was taken.  

This project has moved ahead despite the fact that members of the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition as well as the Cycling Public Advisory Committee had repeatedly requested to be involved in the early planning stages of major road improvements; we specifically mentioned Cliffe Ave widening as a project we were interested in.   

We are told it is too costly, and anyway, it's only 4 blocks, and the rest of Cliffe Ave does not have any cycling lanes either and that there is the Riverway and Fitzgerald Avenue which are more bike friendly.  Etc. etc.  

Our concerns:

  • Cliffe Ave is a designated bicycle route in the 2007 Comox Valley Cycling Plan.  It is the most important north-south artery through the City and it is important that every opportunity be taken to upgrade this corridor to safely accommodate ALL road users, including cyclists.  

  • Cycling lanes are proposed for Fitzgerald Ave from 26th to 8th St.  This is a welcome improvement, but in no way represents a substitution for the Cliffe Ave Corridor.  We need to make it absolutely clear that all users, including cyclists need to be safely accommodated on all major access corridors into the city.  

  • The Task Force process is ineffective, if a member of the engineering staff can make a critical decision in contravention of the Cycling Plan without Council involvement.

We have not been provided with the design plans, but we are aware of some technical details:

  • Land purchase/expansion will be taking place on the east side of Cliffe only (the water side).  As cyclists we can attest to needing only a minimal amount of space (1 meter).  This was deemed too costly during the land purchasing process.

  • A meridian between the street and sidewalk is included in the design, this is the continuation of the "Mile of Flowers" along the other side of the sidewalk.  

  • We think the required space IS available but is inefficiently allocated to the various uses. 
As any good bike mechanic will tell you; Buy well, buy once.  Buy poorly, buy often. 
There is no doubt that Cliffe Ave. will one day safely accommodate cyclists.  We are not only the present, but the future of transportation.  The question is, will we pressure our local governments to make the right decisions today, or wait until the slow, dragging political process catches up with reality and has to scramble more taxpayers dollars to make up for the mistakes of the past.

There has been a lack of action since the drafting of the 2007 Comox Valley Cycling Plan (or, even further back, the 1995 Cycling Strategy).

If you want to see the changes actually happen, not anticipate their possibility in 15 years… Join us at City Hall Council Chambers, 4pm , Monday April 12th and together we’ll let the City know we’re serious about safe cycling routes and clean transportation. We will be asking the City to scrap the current proposed budget until such time that plans to widen Cliffe include cyclists.

Thank you for your support!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Fitness Testing April 10-11

We are planning another testing weekend in Courtenay/Comox on April 10th & 11th  - this will be our 6th trip to Comox for testing since 2007!   In the Fall we had chatted about you possibly forwarding this information onto the CVCC and I promised to give you more warning this time!  Below is the information on the weekend - hope you're interested in seeing how your fitness and your training zones have changed!
This is an opportunity for athletes to get an accurate picture of where their fitness is at, evaluate limiting factors and set the training intensities that will allow you to use your training time more effectively so that you get better results.  Brent Armstrong of Rehab in Motion has graciously offered to host us again so we’ll be set up to offer blood lactate and VO2max testing on both the bike and the run.  If you guys are interested in getting tested again, please contact me and reserve a testing slot.  Please forward this invite on to any of your friends or training partners that you think would be interested.
I’ve attached a brochure that explains the testing process in more detail and the testing proposal which outlines the testing options and costs.  I’ve also attached a sample set of results to give you an idea of what the end result of the process is and how you can use the testing to evaluate your progress and adjust your training.
For those of you who aren’t sure what this testing is all about or how we use it to get better results from your training, there is a quick 5 minute video on our website done by the Discovery Channel when they visited our facility for an episode of Daily Planet.  It explains the science of training and discusses how knowing your training zones allows you to eliminate the guesswork and make every training hour more effective.  The link is:
I’ve attached a brochure that explains the testing process in more detail and the testing proposal which outlines some background on the Peak Centre and the testing options and costs.  I’ve also attached a sample set of results to give you an idea of what the end result of the process is and how you can use the testing to evaluate your progress and adjust your training.
To Confirm Your Testing Slot
Please contact me with the following information:
1)     what type of assessment you would like to do (bike, run or both),
2)     whether you would like to do lactates or lactates & VO2max & Energy Usage Analysis
3)     what time of day you would prefer (either morning or afternoon).  We will do our best to accommodate your wishes but will work on a first come first served basis.
4)     Arrange the deposit details.
Assessment Scheduling & Notes
Once I have received the above information from you, I will put together a schedule of assessments.  I will try as much as possible to slot people in at the time of day they request and they will be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis.
Deposit Details
We ask for a $50 deposit to confirm your testing slot.  Please give the Peak Centre a call before noon on Thursday April 1st and provide a method of payment.  The remainder of the balance will be due after your assessment.
Testing Details
Date:  Saturday, April 10th
Time:  8am-5pm
Location: Rehabilitation in Motion
Address: #780 Grant Avenue, Courtenay
Each assessment will take about an hour.  Please try to be at Rehab in Motion at least 10 minutes before your assessment is scheduled to start.
Consult Details
Date:  Sunday April 11th
Time:  To Be Confirmed on April 2nd (we will set the consult time as we see the mix of assessments in case we need to do some assessments on Sunday morning)
Duration:  90min – 2hrs
Location: Rehabilitation in Motion
Address: #780 Grant Avenue, Courtenay
Topics discussed will include blood lactate, lactic acid, muscle fibre types, aerobic threshold, lactate threshold, VO2 max, heart rate training zones and most importantly, how to use the testing information to make your training hours more effective.
What Happens Next?
Once we get confirmations from each of you, we’ll send out the pre-assessment paperwork to you.  There is a set of instructions on what to do and what not to do in the 24 hours before your assessment and some paperwork that must be filled out before the assessment.  Once we hear from the individuals being tested, we’ll put together a schedule of the testing appointments and send that out to you as well.
Any Questions?
Feel free to give me a call on our toll free number at 1-877-299-7325 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-877-299-7325      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or send me an email at if you have any questions about any of the weekends activities.
Peak Centre Hours Are:
Monday – Friday:  9am – 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
We look forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks!
Mike McIvor
Peak Centre for Human Performance - Vancouver
101-4181 East Hastings Street.
Burnaby, B.C., V5C 2J3
Tel:  604-299-7959 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              604-299-7959      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  Fax: 1-866-752-5264

Ride with Team Diabetes and Make a Difference!

Ride with Team Diabetes in the exciting, new Whistler GranFondo and make a difference in the lives of the 3 million Canadians and someone you know with diabetes.

Team Diabetes is celebrating its 10th anniversary and to date over 4,000 team members have raised $23.5 million in support of research, advocacy and programs such as camps for kids with diabetes but a lot more still needs to be done. You can help the Canadian Diabetes Association get closer to its goals by riding with Team Diabetes!

In addition to the satisfaction of supporting such a great cause, team members receive:
·          GUARANTEED race entry
·          Team Diabetes cycling jersey
·          On-line fundraising tools and support

Although spots are guaranteed for Team Diabetes, space is limited so join Team Diabetes today! Registration closes July 2 or when the spots are filled – whichever comes first.

For more information contact Rebecca at / 604-732-1331 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              604-732-1331      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext. 246 or go to

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Comox Cup Race Bible

Hi All

The 2010 race bible has been posted on the right side just below "Comox Valley Cycle Club" Sidebar. In the document you will find race information about what races will happen this year, the distances, start times, costs, time trial information, and lots more information. At a later date (closer to each race) a race bible for each race will be posted (If i dont get too lazy) for any out of town riders or first time riders. If cannot open the document please email me at, and i will try to fix the problem, or just email you a copy of the Comox Cup Series.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Club Meeting

Executive Meeting
Feb.22, 2010
7 p.m.
Ray Wagner! ! Andrew Brown! !
John Bernard! Peter Schwirtlich! !
Kent Duncan!! Doug Merrick
Chuck Sinclair
Spring Learn-to-Race Camp. Presentation by Ray as follow-up. The CVCC will host 3
learn to race clinics for cyclist interested in taking a shot at racing. This will target riders
mature riders wishing to enter the “C” level races or “B” level. The clinics will be held
April 26, May 3, and May 10. The focus will be on rider position, riding tactics, and
group techniques for fast, safe, cycling. The minimal fee of $50 will gain the riders
access to: 3 clinics, CVCC annual membership, CyclingBC insurance for 2010, and
race entry to the Tsolum River Road as part of the Comox Cup Series.
Website: The CVCC has contacted Internic concerning our Domain Name and we are
proceeding with restructuring the web-site to redirect to For the latest club
news keep going to
Promotions: Andrew has contacted the people involved with In-Focus and is working
to get an article published that shows the Club and the Valley as an established, superfriendly
cycling community with some very fast juniors.
Registrations: Ray is taking care of the clubʼs registration with CyclingBC. John will be
handling club registration and you will receive your registration package via a PDF file in
your email. Simply print it off and mail it via the address on the form. Donʼt forget the
attached waiver. Club fees are still $20.00 so get signed up soon.
Purchase a UCI/CCA Cycling BC Race
License if any of the following statements
are true:
• You will be racing in Cycling BC
sanctioned races and/or races outside of
the province
• You wish to race in your age or ability
• You wish to collect provincial series and
upgrade points
• You will be racing as part of a provincial
trade team
• You wish to belong to a Cycling BC high
performance, development or provincial
• You wish to hold a technical license
(Race Organizer, Manager, Commissaire,
Purchase a Citizen Race License if the
following statements are true:
• You will only be racing in Cycling BC
sanctioned races
• You wish to gain race experience without
purchasing a UCI license
• You are willing to race only in the citizen
category (MTB) or lowest available
category (Cat 4)
• You do not wish to collect provincial
series or upgrade points
• You will only be racing Road/Track/CX or
$32 Purchase a Club Associate
Membership if the following statements
are true:
• You belong to a club
• You only wish to ride in your own club’s
• You are not interested in racing in
Cycling BC calendar races
Jerseys: In March you will receive a list and prices for Jerseys, Bibs, Jackets, and Skinsuits
(the pricey aero ones). We will order them but this time you pay up front.
We are staying with Pactimo and so the design and colours are registered with them for
speedier delivery.
Sponsorship: Jeff Beeston at Trail Bikes has contacted the club and is going to sponsor the
Time Trial Series and some of the Road Races. A BIG THANKS to Trail Bikes. We will be
contacting the other bike shops with the same offer as last year to help with the Comox Cup
events and to provide draw prizes for volunteers and contestants.
Chuck presented a mock-up of a bulletin board that we hope will find a happy home at each of
the valley bike shops. The bulletin boards will have club contacts, events, and space for the
latest postings.
Andrew is working closely with the Downtown Business Association to host a Downtown Crit.
Racing: Doug is setting up a protocol for all Comox Cup Racers to sign-up for volunteer help
(do it or provide it). We will try the Gentlemenʼs or Gentlewomanʼs agreement that if you race
you also volunteer and help out. Watch for this at
Meeting adjourned at 8:55
Next Meeting: Comox Rec. Centre Rm. D

Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Road Race Season

Hi everyone
3 of the 4 race dates have been decided
Tsolum River Road Race May 16
Minto Road Race June 13
Dove Creek Omnium July 17-18
Championship Weekend TBA but will fall on a August 15, 22, 29. We are waiting on Cycling BC to post when the provincial TT/RR is in August to schedule around that.
The race bible containing all this information and more is almost complete but some details need to be finalized for the time trial series before it is posted.
Stay Tuned!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January Club Meeting

Executive Meeting
Jan. 11, 2010
7 p.m.
Ray Wagner   Andrew Brown  John Bernard
Peter Schwirtlich Kent Duncan  Chuck Sinclair
Carmne Wakeling (host)
Ray presented the CVCC 2010 Annual Activity Plan for discussion and
finalization. The final version will be posted on the “Blog”. Most of the
discussion centered on defining the club mission and aligning activities
with club member support to bring the club goals to fruition.
The club priorities will continue to emphasize local road competition and
fitness. The club will provide ongoing support for: the Comox Cup Series,
the Time Trial Series, Support BCMasters through inclusion in the Club
Omnium, Group rides, lead-out for local running events, the YANA Century
Ride, and several socials.
For 2010 the club will continue to investigate the feasibility of supporting a
Downtown Criterium, organization of a 200K club Fondo in September, a
Spring Learn-to-Race Camp for beginning and “C” level racers, growth of
support for Junior Develpment Program. Maximize the marketing of these
activities which includes attracting out-of-town participants to our events
and our club.
The discussion then moved on to focussing on specific brainstorming
Spring Learn-to-Race camp. After discussion it was felt that bringing in
an outside “expert” for a weekend session might provide the impetus to
new riders and even experienced riders. This would take the pressure off
local club members and provide a framework for the club to provide week
follow-up sessions. Emphasis is on beginning racers for the CC Cup level
“C” whether they are Junior or 50+. Marketing will be through the Blog,
local shops, word of mouth, and schools. The CVCC will actively pursue a
contact, arrange a date and time, establish costs, and begin advertising
the event.
Website: Discussion was held and currently we will investigate the
ownership of the URL: Comox Valley Cycling and the remaining
life on the ownership agreement. Further the CVCC will look to redirect
searches to the Blog that Doug has organized.
Promotions: The race and club events will be posted to both local
The CVCC will also look to providing a promotional video for Channel 4
through Shaw Cable.
The CVCC will pursue getting article into the local In-Focus magazine.
Boomer Jarret also does a Valley Promotional brochure and he will be
contacted to see if he would take some photos of club events or club
racers for inclusion in the brochure.
Provide a notice board with club activities for all bike shops. This will
replace the tri-fold used in the past.
Send minutes and club information to past members
Hold roller race demos at the mall or local events.
Use the club trailer for long group weekend ride events to carry equipment
to or from an event start.
Socials. Carmen will continue the Tim Hortonʼs support for all races and
will hold several social ride and feed functions. Dates to be determined.
Jerseys: It was raised that the some club members need new kit. If we
simply reorder from last year there is no extra charges since the colour and
layouts are set with Pactimo. If we wish to order new items or change the
original order there may be an extra minimal charge.
It was pointed out that the Jerseys are a $0 item to the budget and have
required considerable time and expense to the club and members to carry
a large stock. Therefore club kit orders will be cost +10% and require a
50% downpayment.
If we order from Pactimo again, there is no minimum required but if we add
new items there are some requirements. Socks require min. order of 50
pair. A jacket may have minimum because we did not order jackets last
year. We have 5 people interested in a high tech aero skinsuit which is a
new order but the min. is 5. An order breakdown and cost will be readied
for the next Exec. meeting.
Race Calenders: Although unable to attend Doug Merrick submitted the
road race calender with points scoring. Andrew Brown presented the TT
calender which will follow last years format with 4 courses and 4 races a
Discussion focussed on the scoring for TTʼs. It was felt that the current
system penalized riders who could not attend a majority of the races. An
alternative was suggested based upon time. There will be 16 TTʼs over the
season. A rider would have to compete twice on each course to qualify for
the overall. The riders placement would be determined by adding their
fastest times on each course. Therefore over the season as a rider
improves their overall time for the 4 courses would decrease. This was
suggested so that riders then feel they have a valid shot at the overall even
if they cannot attend the majority of the TTʼs.
Andrew Brown suggested that he and Doug need to hold a meeting before
the next Executive meeting to fill in other details and present the final
calendar for the Feb. meeting. Kudos to both of you because we are way
ahead of the game. The greatest challenge is completing the dates
because CyclingBC and BCMasters do not have their draft calendars
Next Meeting Feb. 22nd 2010
Location: TBA