Sunday, March 11, 2012

Caleb Pike-march 11

This past weekend seven riders from the club went down and raced in the Victoria Cycling Leagues "Caleb Pike" road race. Junior CVCC cyclist Jordan Duncan joined the Russ Hays cycling team this year and came second in the field sprint for the "A" race after just pipping John Van der Vliet.
Kent Duncan, Doug Merrick, and Nigel Hutcheson raced the "B" race. The field worked together very little, allowing for a MIVA rider to escape early on, Doug Merrick later soloed across, worked with him, and took 2nd in the sprint after realizing 20meters from the line that it was the finish. Kent Duncan and Nigel Hutcheson  finished in the main pack.
Kia and Isaac Van der Vliet raced in the "C" race on the tough course, they finished 1st and 4th.
All the racers dealt with hail, snow, rain, sun, and some very strong winds on this great course.