Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 BC Provincial Youth Road Race Championships

LAST UPDATED 3:06PM 05/06/14
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WHEN:                      June 7, 2014

WHERE:                    Cumberland

HOSTED BY:           Comox Valley Cycle Club

REGISTRATION:                Pre-registrationonly at
                                                $30 until 11:59pm on June 5, 2014
                                                No day of registration
                                                No refunds

SIGN-ON:                              Cumberland Village Park
                                                Opens at 8:00am

                                                9.03kms per lap

Category                                           Start time                  Laps/Distances

U19 Men                                            9:00am                       10 laps/ 90 kms

U17 Men                                            9:03am                       08 laps/ 72 kms

U19/U17 Women                             9:06am                       07 laps/ 63 kms

U15 Men/Women                             9:09am                       04 laps/ 36 kms

U13 Men/Women                             9:12am                       02 laps/ 18 kms                                                                               
Ø  The course is open to traffic
Ø  The center line rule is in effect
Ø  All riders will be subject to gear restriction
Ø  Sign on closes at 8:45am
Ø  Please allow 30 minutes prior to start to be checked by officials
Ø  U17 and U19 race allowed feedzone after 50km but not 20km before the finish, Feedzone as indicated on map before the finish
Ø  Race number to be vertical on the right side of the back

Ø  No parking within 200 metres of the finish line

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 Dove Creek Stage Race- May 24


WHEN:                      May 24, 2014

WHERE:                    Courtenay

WHAT:                       Time based stage race consisting of the Dove Creek Road Race in the morning and the Burns Road Time Trial in the afternoon.

HOSTED BY:           Comox Valley Cycle Club

REGISTRATION:                Registration at the Dove Creek Hall (Burns Road)
                                                $30 for Seniors (over 18)
$20 for Juniors

SIGN-ON:                              Dove Creek Hall on Burns Road
                                                Opens at 9:00am

                                                16.4 kms per lap

 Road Race Start Times
Category                                           Start time                  Laps/Distances

A                                                         10:30am                     5 laps/ 85.34 kms

B                                                         10:31am                     4 laps/ 68.84 kms

C                                                         10:32am                     3 laps/ 52.34 kms

U15                                                    10:32am                     2 laps/ 37.4 kms

U13                                                     10:32am                     1 laps/ 21 kms

Time bonus of 10-6-4 seconds for 1st-2nd-3rd place finishers
Ø  The course is open to traffic
Ø  The center line rule is in effect
Ø  No littering, swearing, or public urination at any point

Time Trial

Ø  Starts at 3:30pm
Ø  Reverse order from the road race
Ø  1 minute intervals
Ø  8.06km in length
Ø  no aero clip-on bars, no aero helmets, no disc wheels, no wheels deeper than 90mm, no TT bikes

Ø  Determined by overall time
Ø  Cash prizes except merchandise for the Youth categories
Ø  Women’s prizes where sufficient numbers

Ø  All courses are on open roads!
Ø  The yellow line rule is in effect at all times!
Ø  No littering, offenders will be disqualified!
Ø  Bathrooms are provided at the Dove Creek Hall
Ø  There are no feed zones for the road race
Ø  No parking on any of the courses during the race
Ø  Do not pre-ride the Time Trial course when others are racing on the course

 please re-read the race bible and then email

Sunday, May 4, 2014

2014 Tsolum River Road Race Results

Hi Everyone,
Results from the 2014 Tsolum River Road Race!
Please note that not all placings were recorded (Cat A), and that soggy pages made reading your name very difficult, if your name was spelled incorrectly please email with the correct spelling. If you believe your placing was different than what was recorded, please email with the correction of who/what/when/where was around you etc.
Results Again!