Friday, June 18, 2010

Comox Cup Clarification

Call it a complete overlook on my part on the Comox Cup standings but here are the criteria to be included in the Comox Cup Standings:
You must be a member of the Comox Valley Cycle Club ($20 fee) to be included in the standings. It does not matter where you live (Victoria, Vancouver, Port Hardy etc) as long as you have paid the club fee. As well as being strongly, strongly encouraged to supply a volunteer to help run one of the club races.
If any out of town racer would like to be included in the Comox Cup standings but cannot supply a volunteer to help run an event, please email to let him know/work out an arrangement.
Sorry for the oversight.
Doug Merrick
Road Organizer

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Minto Road Race Report and Comox Cup Update

Road Race Report
Warm, Sunny weather greeted the 40 racers who braved to race the 2010 Minto Road Race presented by Mtn City Cycles.
The A category race featured attacks from the big three (Black's, Simon, and Trail Cycles) for an exciting road race of 8 laps (72km). Despite the constant attacks the initial group of 20 held together until the end of the 7th lap where Eatmore Sprouts/Trails Bike Team duo Nigel Ellsay and Nigel Hutcheson iniated the 10 man break that would work successfully together to hold off the scattered chasers on the last lap. Visiting Victoria Racer Luca Segar took the win followed by Jordan Duncan and Nigel Ellsay (Eatmore Sprouts/Trail bikes) for the lead group.
In the B category race of 6 laps (54km) the group stayed together until the very end where out-of-towner Michael Brinton took the sprint by attacking early on the hill. Local junior Jake Van der Vliet (Airport Service/Simon Cycles) took second followed by Mike Brown in his second ever road race.
In the C category brothers James and Mark Grant managed to drop both Ernie Klassen and Simon Harrington for a brother 1-2 on the line.
A big thank you to Mtn City Cycles for sponsoring the event. Thank you to Quality Foods/Tim Hortons and Eatmore Sprouts for providing sprouts for the apres race food, Shoppers Drug Mart for contributing for the draw prizes. AND A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS!!
For full Minto Results
For all 581 photos
A BIG 581 thank you to Pat Gerrie, Joanna Duncan, and Charles Sinclair for all the great photos
Comox Cup Standings
After two road races and 6 time trials todays Minto Road Race has shaken up the overall standings
A Category
1. John Van der Vliet    200
1. Jordan Duncan    200
3.Nigel Ellsay    155
4.Doug Merrick    140
5. Nigel Hutcheson    125
6. Jeff Matell    120
7. Ray Wagner    115
8. Andy Everson    90
9. Kent Duncan    70
10. Dave Nowak    60
11. Mort Allingham    50
12. Andrew Brown    40
13. Rudy Daun    35
14. Trevor Perkins    20
Category B
1. Jake Van der Vliet    125
2. Sig Isaac    105
3. Thomas Andrew    75
4. Amanda Wakeling    70
5. Richard Ellsay    70
6. Mike Brown    65
7. Paul Sidlick    60
8. Trevor Pritoula    55
9. Gord Giesbrecht    50
10. Steve Grant    50
11. Andrew Grant    50
12. Gavin MacPhail    35
13. Charles Sinclair     30
14. Mike Wood    20
15. Michael Ravensbergen    10
16. Jeff Beeston    5
Category C
1. James Grant    65   
2. mark Grant    50
3. Simon Harrington    30
4. Mike Brown    25   
5. Marnie Van der Vliet    25   
6. Rurik Hubner    20   
7. Kia Van der Vliet    20   
8. Hilary Grant    20   
9. Aaron Prain    15   
10. Ernie Klassen    15   
11. Leslie Dargie    15
12. Crystal Dargie    10
13. Dieter Tschauner    10
14. Patti Holatko    10   
15. Isaac Van der Vliet    10   
16. Kip Keylock    5   
Dont See your name in the Comox Cup? Either I made a mistake or you have not paid your club membership fees.