Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September Meeting Minutes

CVCC Minutes of monthly meeting held September 28,2010

Attendance: Ray Wagner, Kent Duncan, Hilary Grant, John Bernard, Gord Giesbrecht

#1 – AGM/ Banquet tentatively November 3, awaiting confirmation of Hall rental. Club has set a budget of $400 for catering, Hilary will work with that. If catering runs higher members may be asked to pay a small fee for dinner. The club is looking for a volunteer to MC the awards portion of the banquet, contact Ray if interested.

#2 – The club currently has a bank balance of approximately $6800, with expected expenses of $2000 (banquet, awards, rider support) to be paid out yet.

#3 – There will be a draw prize box at the banquet, anyone who did something, other than just race, for the club this year is eligible to enter their name. The club wishes to recognize its volunteers, without whom we could not function. Another good reason to come out and be part of the CVCC.

#4 – The AGM will take place after the awards presentations. The agenda will be short:
Presidents report
Race directors report
TT directors report
Financial statement
Election of new executive
There will not be an open floor to present ideas, if you have ideas, stand for an executive position and you can present those ideas at the next meeting. At this time all positions are open, with Ray, Kent and Hilary all stating they will stand again for election in their current position. Secretary, race coordinator, TT coordinator and social coordinator do not yet have any nominees. Remember that the plan for 2011 is to have a coordinator for each individual race, points will be earned towards the Comox Cup for organizing, rather than riding in that one race.

#5 – Rider support budget for 2010 was set at $1000, $700 for junior development and $300 for provincially sanctioned race support. Ray put out a call for applications to be sent in, two were received. Jordan Duncan and Doug Merrick applied for provincially sanctioned race support. Ray put forward splitting the $300, a unanimous executive vote approved $150 support for both Jordan and Doug.
There is approximately $500 remaining in the junior development budget. Kent will get together with Steve Grant and John van der Vliet to prepare a synopsis of junior expenses and a designation of payees to be given to the Treasurer.

#6 – Next year is the 25th anniversary of the club and there has been talk of a special jersey to commemorate this. Kent will get together with Andy about designing and the ordering details. Plan to make your order in January.

#7 – Ray closed the meeting with a request that the new executive get together before December to set down guidelines for 2011. It is your club and if you wish certain things to be done, then we need to know now, so that they can be put in place before the season begins. Trying to implement ideas during the season does not work. So, get involved now and make the 25th anniversary season the best one yet.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Club Funding

The Comox Valley Cycle Club has allotted some funds towards support of our club riders.

The CVCC executive is seeking a brief report from any member who wishes to access these funds.

The criteria for funding is based on the club policy established in 2005 where it was approved that the club should support members wearing club colours at sanctioned events :

1/ funding of an individual member must be approved by a vote of the executive
2/ the event(s) must be at national or provincial sanctioned levels
3/ the member must provide a brief written report with photos of their participation

Additionally, priority will be given to junior development should requests be above the current financial capabilities of the club.

Eligible members are requested to email their submission to ray.wagner@worksafebc.com by September 26th.