Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2nd Annual Polar Bear Ride

Hi Everyone
The club is holding the 2nd annual Boxing Day "Polar Bear Ride," cold like the swim, but we would prefer if you were fully clothed for the ride. The ride will leave from the sports center on Vanier drive at 11am on December 26 and will be about 1.5-2hours easy ride depending on how cold it is. Afterwords a stop at a coffee shop to warm up any cold body parts, enjoy a hot chocolate or coffee, and socialize before riding home.
So come on out and escape the Boxing Day shopping maddness, visiting inlaws, and enjoy a easy spin and catch up with your summer riding mates.
Fenders are strongly encouraged if you have them! If you dont you are still more than welcome to come and have a great ride.
Doug Merrick

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Minutes

CVCC Executive Meeting

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ray Wagner              Trevor Pritoula
Kent Duncan             Hillary Grant

1.     Society Act- $ 25 required to re-new annual contract.  Hillary to complete form and mail with cheque.
2.     Gaming Grant- $309.63 still in reserve.  Executive approved submission of report and will mail to ministry in near future. Balance to put towards trailer maintenance.
3.     Finances- No new business. Hillary to review the expense of the AGM and provide summary by email for next meeting. To defer 2011 budget until next meeting.  Currently GIC fund serving as reserve but to determine if this is enough or too much so that funds can be re- allocated.
4.      Sponsorship Structure- in the past we have solicited sponsors for the club. Ray proposed different levels of sponsorship with a cycling theme:
polka-dot- $50-150,
Different levels based on amount of product/ money donated. 
Ray recommended doing a notice in paper for this past year sponsors (QF, Trail Bicycles, Eat More Sprouts, Airport Service, Black’s Cycle…). To do early in New Year and put together package for soliciting new sponsors (highlighting membership #’s, value to sponsor. Recognition at events, website, trailer, notice in paper, thanking sponsors.

5.     Racer Support- club to review/ create a policy.
In 2010 club budgeted 1000.00- There were 2 award recipients of $150 each, and approx. 200 to travel expenses for junior racers (approx. 500 was still available from 2010- to carry forward to 2011).
For 2011, Budget to be as follows for Racer Support:
Individual Club members- 300.00 will be allocated
Remainder 1200.00 to be allocated to the Junior Program and divided into following categories by a Junior Race/ Member coordinator/ manager. Funds to be allocated to, but not exclusively the following:
·        Coaching Courses/ Qualification
·        Junior Racing Travel Expenses
·        Race Fees
·        Junior Development/ Team Support
·        Equipment Purchases
Anyone seeking support must submit application with proof of expenses to the club executive.

Some concern was brought up with respect to competition from other team sponsors (ie wear club kit or other team kit- deemed club would play more a supporting role to racing versus sponsor.

6.     Club Kit for 25th year anniversary.  Kent to contact Andy regarding designing a 25 year anniversary club jersey/ kit.  Kent recommended continuing with Pactimo to streamline and simplify this.

7.     Race Coordinator- complete list to be determined for 2011. As per AGM, for 2011 to appoint a race director for each event.  Ray proposed to have same schedule as 2010- May, June, July, August, and possible September. Actual dates and racecourses to be determined.
Race Directors thus far:
May- John Van der vleit
June- Steve Grant
Doug has loosely created a manual to help with organizing the race events and can be available for providing insight to race directors.

8.     Awards- Ray proposed a race trophy to have as club property with each year’s winner in different category engraved on it.  To look into cost and design for next meeting.  Individual award/ trophy- glass mug (or version of) will continue to exist.
Ray proposed scoring for series to be changed to include top 4 race results to lessen issues for race director, missing a race so that the final standings are fair.  There was discussion of points being awarded to the Race director to reward member for doing the job and encourage more involvement from others.

9.     Cycle BC Club renewal- Ray to complete and submit.

10.                        Insurance- Ray to review current policy with Directors insurance to determine what this covers and if current liability coverage amount is adequate. Current policy is valid until March, 2011. 

11.                         TT to be deferred to next meeting.

12.                        Budget- Hillary to prepare statement for next meeting to determine a more accurate budget for 2011.

13.                         Incident Reporting- Ray to create a accident report to be in the race director manual to use in event of an incident/ injury

14.                         Monthly Meeting Dates/ Location- 2nd Tuesday of the Month.  Location and time to be determined in advance by email between executive members and announced to club members in advance.