Saturday, June 25, 2011

CVCC TT Course Records

Hi All
For those that wonder:

Headquarters:                    John Van der Vliet:    20:59     -2007
Forbidden Plateau:            John Van der Vliet:     17:14    -2007
Dove Creek:                      Don Gilmore:              21:12    -2009
Dove Creek-Dove Creek:  Don Gilmore:             43:59     -2010


Monday, June 20, 2011

June 22 Forbidden Plateau Time Trial

Hi Everyone
This wednseday June 22 is the Forbidden Plateau Time Trial, not the team time trial. The week after will not have a time trial as planned. The time trial will start at 6pm as usual, be there early to sign up.
See you there

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Medium Size Jersey

Hi Everyone
If anyone has a spare medium CVCC jersey that do not need, junior CVCC rider Thomas Andrew is in need after his small is, well, too small.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No Forbidden Plateau TT Tonight!

There is no TT tonight due to the Canucks game. AB will be there for a short time, but will be gone quickly.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Comox Cup #2 Tsolum River Road Race

Under clear, blue skies and rising temperatures, the Comox Valley Cycle Club's 2nd race of the Comox Cup Series, the Mike Fisher Realty Tsolum River Road Race, kicked off with 28 riders on the line.  A  total of four categories lined up with the A’s racing 83km, B’s 62.2km, C’s 41.5km, and Novice 20.8km.
At the start line, the category C’s and the Novice started out together with 10 year old Isaac Van der Vliet, in Novice, kicking off on the same roads his father, brother, and sister had raced on at his age. After taking the win and easily staying with the C group, young Isaac got to watch as his sister, brother, and father finished their races.
In the C category, 5 riders lined up for a very fast race with Trail Bikes-Eatmore Sprouts (TBES) Cycling Team rider Mark Grant taking the “prime” prize midway through the race before winning the sprint over Ernie Klassen and Kia Van der Vliet.
In the B category, 7 riders lined up for 6 laps around the tough course. Right after the start line, the race experienced its first surprise of the day, when Trevor Pritoula’s rear tire blew out. In the mid-race “prime”, Rob Stables jumped away to take the prize. At the end of the race, Team TBES rider James Grant sprinted to the win over Hugh Park and Rob Stabler.
In the A category race, 16 riders lined up for 8 laps in what was to be a race of attrition as the temperatures heated up. In the wake of two small crashes on lap two, Team TBES rider Nigel Ellsay took off on a solo flier. The pace of the pack instantly lifted and quickly narrowed down to a 6 man chase group comprised of TBES riders Doug Merrick and Andrew Grant, CVCC riders Jeff Matell, John Van der Vliet, and Ray Wagner, and Oak Bay Bikes rider Warren Muir. Andrew was later dropped from the group just before it caught Nigel.  On lap 5, Ray Wagner sprinted successfully to win the “prime”.  After numerous attacks from Team TBES, all the riders felt the strain of the 83km road race in the heat with TBES rider Nigel Ellsay taking the sprint win over Warren Muir and Jeff Matell.
Prizes and mid-race primes were provided by Blacks Cycle, Trail Bicycles and Nestle Canada, with post-race snacks and icecream from Quality Foods and Nestle Canada.  A BIG thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible, and to Mike Fisher for his generous sponsorship.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tsolum River Race Results

Hi Everyone
Race results can be found here.
Any problems with the race results, please email Doug .
An article/.pictures will be put up shortly. But for now, I am hungry.